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"5-HTP For Premature Ejaculation? Here is The Complete Guide to Effectively Last Longer - by Kris"

Are These 5HTP supplements And Vitamins The Exciting Herbal Answer to Delaying Your Premature Ejaculations Naturally? Read on...

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I know how bad the situation is in the bedroom. Being not able to fully satisfy the woman.

But what can you do. You have tried everything, every trick.

You have tried your best to make her cum.

She wants the sexual pleasure everynight. She wants the man in you to 'take her woman and love her'.

She wants you to perform.

She wants you to NOT stop until she comes first!

You don't want those Anti-depressant pills - SSRIs. Those fucking pills that men take two hours before sex and then they bear it's nasty side-effects whole night.

Then it keeps them awake whole night - not because they are having good sex - but because they can't sleep. Their hand is shaking for one full day, and something on their face is twitching for two days.

And then after few months they lose their libido and interest in sex. Now who wants to live with a sex-less zombie. Not a girl.

Mother-Nature comes back hard. You do NOT want that. You want natural, herbal solution to the problem - that doesn't involve any tickling or playing with your body-chemistry.

And you do NOT want to perform at such horrible costs.

I know how depressing things can get in bedroom because I was suffering from Severe premature ejaculation too.

I have lost counts when I had come when my ex-girlfriend was putting on condom. That used to be so shameful. Not anymore.

Now here I am going to show you how herbal supplements (not SSRIs) can make you enjoy a longer sex.

And this is apart from feeling great throughout the day. She will find you more energetic and lively in your days.

I won't say you'll blow her mind right away but slowly if you stick with it - you get to that point soon.

I am sure this is one of the single most important piece of information you would like to have today. These 5 minutes are going to be a great investment of your time... Promise.

If you have heard anything about 5-HTP or serotonin then you must be knowing that it is a very powerful tool and slowly more and more couples are enjoying its benefits . Are You ready?

5HTP is usually associated with - "mood-regulation" and "dieting" kind of stuff. Of course these are good incidental benefits for any Man. But ever wondered how does it help with sex especially Premature Ejaculation?

What The Heck is Serotonin? Why It Concerns Me?

Serotonin (a neurotransmitter) is a crucial chemical required for cells in our brain to talk to each other.

It's scientifically established that Serotonin delays ejaculation in men - given the success of SSRIs. But our body cannot produce serotonin directly so it  should be taken through supplements or other means.

When serotonin is available in plenty - you have very good natural control over your ejaculations. Things move gradually - no quick ejaculation.

Everything goes at its natural pace - on it own.

But how do you delay ejaculation? You don't 'do' anything 'it' happens. You feel so calm, peaceful and 'in control'.

And I am not just talking about Sex here, you feel like you are in control of your life. And it's a good side-effect.

You feel very active in your life. Like your life is back in your control! zip  zap  zoom...   Doesn't that feel good?

In fact many men are surprised by the change in attitude they feel that has come in just few days. Not kidding...

At the same time if Serotonin is low; life looks depressing; you feel dull. You know what I am talking about. 

How Can I Take Serotonin - Safely?

Now I'll show you little science behind it, don't worry just a little. Here's how Serotonin is built in our body:

Tryptophan → 5-htp → Serotonin → Ejaculation delay.

That looks quite simple. There's a big MYTH over Internet that eating 'trypotophan or serotonin rich food' can delay ejaculation - of course its just what it is - a Myth. Period.

For example Bananas are found to be very rich in serotonin. But our bodies are not able to absorb that serotonin.

Various studies show that there are barriers in our bodies due to which food items can NOT increase serotonin in brain, as widely claimed. So eating Turkeys or Bananas will NOT make you last longer in bed...

But here's a little trick: if you take 5-htp supplements; it overrides those barriers; 5htp reaches brain and gets converted into serotonin - awesome .

Is 5-HTP Safe For Me? How Long Should I Take The Supplement?

5-HTP is naturally found in the seeds of the 'Griffonia Simplicifolia', a West African medicinal plant. 5-htp supplements are extracts of that seed!

But supplement's industry is unregulated. There are no regulated manufacturing standards in place. There is a large risk of contamination which can be very harmful for your body. Sometimes toxic metals and other drugs have been found in supplements.

Various health agencies alongwith FDA advises caution on its blind use. So you can not purchase anything with doubtful integrity here.

But isn't it true that research is not yet complete on 5htp? Yeah it is true that research is not yet complete on 5-htp. As per my experience and research I believe that 5-htp can be taken for short durations - 3 to 4 months - without any negative effect. This has been the experience of many Men who take it on regular basis.

Various doctors like DoctorOz suggest that it should be taken not more than 90 days - please consult your doctor if you are on medication or have any medical condition or your are taking any SSRIs.

Moreover it can take decades for 'research' to complete and percolate benefits of 5-HTP to general people. May be by then it could be twilight of your sex life. So you've a very safe window of 3-4 months in which you can check whether this trick is working for you or not. And if it is working - boy you are so damn lucky .

How to take these supplements? In my research I've found that you should start with very low dosage like 50 gm of 5htp. Take the tablet 4-5 times a week. Gradually you may increase the dose, but don't forget to consult your doctor. Then after 3-4 months give yourself some break. Give 1-2 months break and then you may start again if you feel like it..

Hang on.

Taken alone 5-HTP is probably going to go down the flush; you need Vitamin B6 and Zinc for it to convert into Serotonin!!

5-HTP - Is This 'The Magic Potion' For Me?

Well bio-Chemistry of our bodies are way too complex...

Rest assured poping a pill of 5-htp with some water is not going to do the trick.

You need Vitamins specially B-complex and Zinc alongwith 5-HTP. Vitamin B6 is essential for the synthesis of serotonin.

Additionally when you take 5-htp then a side-effect of this is that you may lose interest in sex and you may have frequent loss in erections. I know this is not what we want.

So alongwith 5-HTP you'll need 'some aphrodisiac' that enhances your libido, helps more blood-flow to penis & helps you maintain good hard erection. Right?

So what it takes to make a love potion?
1) 5- HTP
2) Vitamins (specially B-complex and Zinc)
3) Libido and erection enhancers (not viagra)
4) Melatonin (for good night sleep)

What do you say? Like to add something more? List can be exhaustive .

I know you can't make a perfect combination out of these in 90-120 days. Time is running out from the day one .

Instead of experimentation and doing trial-and-error with all combinations I can suggest 2 good supplements. One with 5-HTP & other one without 5-HTP, both works fine actually.

And what about side-effects?
Yes the potion can have some side-effects. Like any multi-vitamin or SSRI pill there can be some side-effects like heartburn, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness or muscle problems.

Where Can I Buy The Best 5-HTP Supplements?

I think Prosolution Plus and Climaxagen are very good pills for improving sex life; reliable - as they are made in a FDA-compliant, ISO accredited lab.

These pills have all the right ingredients for a good sex. You get serotonin precursors, aphrodisiacs, vitamins & minerals.. so you don't have to worry about anything from day one. Just 1 pill a day as recommended - you work fine, no worries of combinations or over-dosage.

Comparatively I prefer Prosolution Plus, backed by MD Dr. Dave David, as this supplement is devoid of any active 5-HTP and is made to relax you during the 'act'. These tablets produce same effect as 5HTP. Exact process is not known but I guess herbs in this stimulates Parasympathetic Nervous System which is good for delaying ejaculation (same effect as Yoga).

And the best thing I like about Prosolution is you can take it for longer durations, without worrying about its long term side-effects.
How to Get Climaxagen at almost 50% discount?
If want to get 50% off of Climaxagen then here's an observation. I've found that if you purchase it at company's website then its bundled with some un-useful stuff like delay creams (3 in numbers!) which I think are not at all useful. You can delay ejaculations at almost 50% discount here.

What Mistakes Should I Look Out For??

Believe me pooping a pill may not help you for the rest of your life. Don't make your recovery on just one method. Taking a pill over longer periods of time may have negative affects... I don't recommend that.

I highly recommend that you try to 'rewire' your brain itself to last longer. Yes you don't always have to take a pill before sex.

You will be taking it for the next 3-4 months and your brain will be charged up. Your brain is going to be very active, more alert than usual. You must use that period to train your brain a new habit. Habit to last longer in bed.

Is this plan wrong?

How Can You Train Your Brain To Last Longer?
Although this kind of learning or say training was earlier confined to Therapist's office. However nowadays you can read their advices, methods and connect with them online - and learn at your own pace.

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