"How To Delay Premature Ejaculation Naturally With 5-htp"

5htp or Serotonin supplements can boost sexual stamina for you by increasing brain-serotonin levels! High quality product removes any risk with them.

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5-htp or serotonin gives you great sex.
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You might be thinking what is this 5-htp? How does it help you with sex especially Premature Ejaculation problem?


I'll tell you what is it buddy & why you need it for having a great sexual life.


It's established that Serotonin (a neurotransmitter) delays ejaculation in men. Our human body cannot produce serotonin directly so it should be taken through supplements or diet . I'll explain more about it in a minute, otherwise you can read about a highly recommended 5htp supplement - Detainx by Dr. Ringgold.



Why & How to increase Brain-Serotonin?

In simple words Serotonin is a crucial chemical through which cells in our brain send signals or messages to nearby cell. When it's plenty - sex can go on & on.

Here's how serotonin is made in body:

Tryptophan → 5-htp → Serotonin → Ejaculation delay.


That looks quite simple. But eating tryptophan or serotonin rich foods won't help you in delaying ejaculation. For example Bananas are found to be very rich in serotonin. But we are not able to use that serotonin.

According to various studies there are barriers in our bodies due to which food items can't increase serotonin in brain, as widely believed. So eating turkeys or bananas will not give you any results in bed...

But here's a little trick: if you take 5-htp supplements then brain serotonin will increase.

How? Explaination is complex but I'll explain as I've come to understand it :).


Why Serotonin-rich food items can't help you in bed?

There is only one channel to reach brain in our body, and all the materials are competing to get on it. Serotonin is like light-weight boxer, who doesn't stand a chance before other heavy weight champs.

So serotonin is not able to get on the channel when taken in diet (which contains all ranges of stuffs).


Now change the situation - take 5htp as a supplement! There's only one Man in the field. Competition killed - there's no other stuff bullying our friend :). So it gets an easy ride to reach brain & hence increase brain-serotonin & you get to have longer sex!



Why 5htp-supplement is better?

5-htp is one-step closer to serotonin. Moreover commercially produced tryptophan supplements are made by 'bacterial fermentation' so there's a chance of contamination. This source of contamination gives rise to severe allergic reaction. There have been some reports of extreme reactions so I won't recommend it.

You see we can’t compromise on standards with 5htp !

Comparatively 5-htp is found naturally in the seeds of the 'Griffonia Simplicifolia', a West African medicinal plant. 5-htp supplements are extracts of that seed!


Big caution: as the supplement's-industry is unregulated so you know there's a further risk on standards. As research is not yet complete on 5-htp or other supplements I'll highly recommend that you must have your guards on! There's a only 1 supplement that I highly recommend. It's also available on FREE Trial.


Detainx by Dr. Warren Ringgold is the only 5-htp pill which is made in a FDA-compliant, ISO accredited lab. It's safe & got no side-effects. If you've any question regarding it then you can contact me.


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