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Desensitizing Cream [Updated]: Don't Buy Until You Read This Review

If you are looking to enhance your sexual stamina and improve your performance in bed then you've come at the right place.

I did a thorough research. And used many desensitizing creams.

Long story short here's what I found...

... desensitizing creams can really make you last longer in bed, but they are NOT the best way to go...
best desensitizing creams

Because creams can create a mess during sex resulting in even more embarrassment for you and even more frustration for your woman.

That's why I'd recommend delay sprays simply because they are easier to handle... In a moment I'll tell you why, so keep reading...

Best Desensitizing Creams

here's a quick chart for you:

#1 Mandelay cream

mandelay desensitizing cream

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#2: Doc Johnson Sta-Erect Delay Cream

#3: Rock Hard Power Delay Cream

Male Desensitizing Creams Do's And Don'ts

1) Ordinary Desensitizing Cream Can Kill Penis Cells!

That Orajel tube for the baby teeth or the Orabase paste for mouth sores. They all are desensitizers! Many household items can desensitize.

But these items can be disastrous if you put them on your penis. Because the sensitive skin of the penis can irritate, develop rashes and it can be painful.

According to a study, desensitizers can kill delicate cells.

With that said, of course, you can last longer with pills like Prosolution Plus or delays sprays or like me exploit some ancient techniques to last longer naturally...

2) Why You Should Never Splash Them On Irritated or Broken Skin?

You can find low-cost, good delay creams easily.

But never splash them on irritated or broken skin. Believe it or not, it can put you in hospital.

I recommend delay spray due to their aerosol technology, it acts locally and uniformly.

3) Why Handle These Creams With EXTRA Care?

It numbs...

It can numb you and it can numb her too (Ouch! That stings like a bee!).

So wash thoroughly before you plunge in...

You apply a small amount (if you need a metered dose use delay sprays) 10-20 minutes before sex (or as instructed).

But you must complete your act within 20 or 30 minutes. Because then it's effect will wane off.

4) Should You Get BJ...

Although you wash thoroughly. But traces of the chemical can remain. So I suggest NOT to engage in oral sex. It can numb her lips.

As a matter of fact, once I forgot to wash it off and her mouth was completely numbed. Although, I loved the deep throat afterwards  but it was uncomfortable for her and we didn't have sex.

Just a quick refresher: it can cause medical problem if swallowed.

5) The Smell Can Turn-Off...

When the smell turned off my wife I made it a point to use the odorless sprays only.

The odorless spray is easier to handle. As the aerosol formula ensures that virtually no chemical remains after you wipe it off.

I highly recommend the sprays and they're reasonably priced too

6) Your Major Disadvantage - Total Erection LOSS

When you desensitize your penis, he sleeps. Not the best thing to happen in the middle of the act. Right?

But you can avoid this embarrassing situation with penis-rings, it helps maintain your erection.

Additionally, you can take liquid male enhancement pills (they act faster). Even though now I no longer use delay stuff but I make it a point to use supplements like this because it gives your erection a natural strength.

7) Can It Cure Your Early Ejaculation (PE)?

No. It's simply a quick fix. A band-aid. A temporary fix.

It dulls the sexual pleasure. That's it.

And if by mistake you applied extra, it can dull her too.

Fortunately, after almost a decade later I discovered how to keep away my premature ejaculation naturally

Here's how you can last up to 30-minutes longer in bed... Click for '3-Steps to Lasting Longer'

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Am I missing anything? Add your comments below... or join my tribe...

About The Author: Kris Lovelock
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kris lovelock By the way, here's my 3 Steps to Lasting Longer program. Inside I show you how I last up to 30 mins longer naturally. Namaste.

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