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Mandelay Gel [UPDATED]: Don't Buy Until You Read This Review

Mandelay is a gel to last longer in bed...

... even though this isn't how I control my climax now.

It was one of the first thing I tried to delay ejaculation (you know PE had always crippled me as a man).

And when you're not able to last longer in bed then your options in life are limited. Even so, I found this gel a better option than antidepressants pills as you can dodge the side-effects to some extent.
Anyways when I first heard about the product I was reminded of the old joke - (say "Anita Mandelay" fast... doesn't it rhyme with "I need a man to lay")...

Moving on, I got this gel online at discount although local pharmacy keeps it...

Mandelay gel review

... Heck, who wants the ladies and the grannies behind the line to find out what you carry... As expected it quickly arrived and I jumped on to try it.

Next moment I opened the box and dash straight to the washroom... (sooo overexcited).

It's easy to use - apply a small dose to the sensitive head of the penis and wait for 2-5 minutes before washing it off. There was some tingling sensation and then the penis went numb.

I'd some erection but it was all messy... I applied too much... the good ol' masturbation was dud.

Suddenly my hands lost the charm!

So be careful with the dose (numbing sprays comes with metered dose - so no confusion).vigrx delay spray

Sprays like VigRX are becoming popular as they don't screw you up in those last moments...

And when I tried it during sex all my horrors came true... it really felt like I was NOT penetrating her vagina -- I was screwing a cloud.

A big fluffy cloud.

Other reviews reveal some men couldn't realize their penis slipped out of the vagina and they were just pumping air... Yeah, it can get that shameful.

The only good thing was I used a condom so at least she was safe... (me the "bedroom messiah")...

And now the most important thing of all...

It took a herbal pill (to get harder erection) and a penis-ring to dodge those disastrous side-effects.

No doubt, she enjoyed all the extra intimate moments I could muster... but I took the beating...

How To Dodge The Side-Effects Of Mandelay

The major side-effect of Mandelay Climax Control gel is...

... you're numbed and you lose your erection.

A limpy penis doesn't inspire much intimacy and satisfaction.

Is there a way to stop these side-effects?

Yes and this worked amazingly well for me. Here's how I dodged the side-effects

a) Herbal liquid capsules for erection

Nobody wants to "underperform" in bed. And I guess even when I'd turn 100, this desire to "outperform" all her ex- lovers (every night!) won't go away... that's what gives you fun, right?

SO pop these supplements... and feel like a superman every night...

Jokes apart ... you (and she) will feel it thicker and bigger...

Here's a pill with the fast-acting liquid formula which lets you dominate like wild

b) Vibrating Penis-Ring.

Clamp with a penis ring to maintain the erection...

And it'd be a blast...
penis ring

But Can You Gain Any Permanent Sexual Stamina

Truth of the matter is I no longer use any of the delay stuff because I'm no messiah... If you don't feel the joy of sex then it's a choir. And who wants a BS sex-life after all...

One life...

So I discovered some ancient techniques and I was no longer dashing to the finish life...

.... they are astonishingly simple that I kick myself for not trying them earlier... it's a jackpot and I showed you all here

Here's the summary:

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4) Here's how to last longer up to 30 minutes in bed... naturally

Am I missing anything? Add your comments below... or join my tribe...

About The Author: Kris Lovelock
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Hey Kris here. After 7 years of amazing marriage (& sex-life)... I can say, relishing mind-blowing half an hour long sex with your wife or girlfriend is simple (and has many unexpected perks)... It's definitely something you can pretty easily learn with the right tools & techniques... You can contact me for any questions or requests.

kris lovelock By the way, here's my 3 Steps to Lasting Longer program. Inside I show you how I last up to 30 mins longer naturally. Namaste.

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