What is Early ejaculation & Do YOU have premature ejaculation?
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"How To Know If You've Premature Ejaculation? How Is PE Defined?"

What it means to be suffering from PE?

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A man with PE doesn't have satisfactory control over
ejaculations & it's a cause of distress in relationship.


Early or Rapid Ejaculation or the often used term Premature Ejaculation (PE) is found among 30-40% of men. Premature is "occurring or done before the usual or proper time; too early".

But hey just a minute - early to which event? Your Partner's & your satisfaction - both. When ejaculation happens that often signals end of sex - causing her dissatisfaction.

In sum PE means "ejaculation before you & your partner is satisfied & it's a cause of distress in relationship ".

Dr. Helen Kaplan Singer M.D in "How to overcome PE" said :

PE is (when) man lacks adequate voluntary
ejaculatory control....

But does it means normal men have ability to thrust non-stop at full speed & finish sex at their will-power?

No, but they can modulate their sexual behaviour to either last longer or to end it in a quickie!

Dr. Sy Silverberg in Lasting Longer declared that:

No man is born with the ability to control ejaculation.

Lloyd Lester of Ejaculation-on-Command is more specific:

No man is born with the inherent ability to endure even 15 minutes of penetrative sex.

Normal men simply learned to control their "ejaculation-reflex" & once they were premature ejaculator too. And yes Porn-stars are normal men, they just learned the trick!

But a very crucial question is "What constitutes a woman's satisfaction?" Does that means the elusive female-ejaculation or the quivering squirting or thigh-shaking orgasm? Well no because not every women end up ejaculating 1 litre fluids or always have a toe-curling orgasm (whatever tricks you try).

Dr David Delvin, GP says: "The reality is female ejaculation isn't all that common. Some women do it once in a lifetime, but never again."

So don't fret about how an ideal sex should end. And the funny thing about "satisfaction" is that it's subjective. Every girl got the right to decide for herself. If a survey says 75% of female don't climax from vaginal penetration - that's senseless for you! This figure doesn't tell anything about the person you care about most!

So have a frank chat with your partner - may be what she wants is what an average woman wants - but who knows?

If she says stimulation with fingers, tongue, dildo or vibrator is OK - then.... easy for you boy :), do so. My GF seems to have her own rhythm - sometimes she likes quikie, sometimes hardcore type then sometimes slow... probably you got the point. She is unpredicatable, she likes variety!


So have an open, friendly talk with your girl what's "sexual satisfaction" for her. How she would like to finish sex (done with hollywood or porn climaxes?).

Some experts try to put a time barrier: A severe premature ejaculation is when a man is done in less then 2 minutes; a lifelong situation. But this is just a reference point. There are couples where man last less than 2 minutes & they feel satisfied! And there are men who last 25 minutes but consider himself having mild PE - because he couldn't control (wondering)!

So I personally go with captioned definition "ejaculation before you & your partner is satisfied & it's a cause of distress in relationship".

Finally David Van Arrick of ForeverMan gave a comprehensive definition:

PE is defined as an inability to control ejaculation, ejaculating before you are ready to or before you have satisfied your partner, or ejaculating before or within several minutes of or after penetration.

Now you know what's PE, lets discover various causes of PE, I've prepared a list of reasons.

Or discover How to Treat PE.


Am I missing anything? Add your comments below... or join my tribe...

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