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From: Kris Lovelock
Somewhere in the East,

Dear Friend,

I have no idea how you got here...

...but as you read this page I understand this website is making you feel a doubtful hope...

Maybe you stumbled here by luck... maybe someone told you about this jerk...

or this amazing Sexual Master from the East...

Anyhow, you have arrived at one of the most valuable website on the internet for men.

Here's why: I'd always been a "two-pump chump" with erection like a noodle. But unbelievably I started to last over 30 minutes longer (personal best being just over an hour) with rock-solid erections never before seen in my entire life.

I was never very smart or handsome to seduce a woman... but then I had had plenty of sex with weird "pick-up" lines like, "I can last way longer in bed... and make you feel good..." or "I can make you cum now..." That's it.

And she would show up... again and again, and come back with more girlfriends.

Then I married a petite asian girl who's just perfect for me... It's been 6 years and things are like wine - getting better with time.

So what's the deal here? Do I last rock-solid 30-minutes longer because I use injections, pills, steroids or other stupid stuff?

Is it that I've finally found a potion or a some magical trick in the East?

Or, am I writing this on dope?

Absolutely, Unequivocally NO...

But I do have a secret and no matter your age, status... how many grand-kids you have or the number of divorces you have been through...

... this secret that will ramp up your sex drive... And soar your ejaculation control to "professional" heights...

Who am I to say that? Because I've finally connected the dots.

After a decade I realized how to take sexual performance to stratosphere and as I began sharing a few tips... I received countless emails from people I've never known thanking me...

And now busy fucking women unbelievably they don't have the time to wade through websites endlessly...

... having sex that an Average Joe couldn't even dream about... with more women... with more creativity... with more income... with more satisfying lives...

And then I thought if this has changed my life and others' then why not put it all in one place for every man in the world... to that end, I've put many articles here on this website

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See, it wasn't long before top sex-therapists and physicians started recommending this website and readers started to improve their sex lives immensely.

In fact, one researcher, whose studies have been published in US National Library of Medicine (NCBI), NIH and, publicly appreciated this website.

So It'll Always Be 100% FREE.

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I hate those damn things... So snag a cup of coffee and have a seat.

And when we are done, you'll have the keys to massive bedroom skills.

In any case, I hope you find as much value in these tips and newsletter as others have... here's where to start...

Why The Popular "Squeeze Technique" Doesn't Work
Lasting Longer During Intercourse
Yoga and Premature Ejaculation
2 sex position to beat PE (NSFW)
Tricks you can use tonight
Control Ejaculations & Be Great Lover (77 pages of gold)
How to last longer in bed naturally
Case Against Traditional PE Treatments
5 Secrets to Finally beat PE

And this is just the begining...

Yours Truly
Kris Lovelock

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