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5-HTP For Premature Ejaculation: Does it REALLY work? [UPDATED REVIEW]

By Kris Lovelock    |    Medically Reviewed by Dr. Angel Sosa, MD    |    Last Review: Dec 21, 2018

You might have heard about 5HTP (1,2) in some forum or website...

And someone might have raved about it and said that this is the "magical potion" to become a sex machine.

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Well, today we'll see how 5-HTP can help you last longer in bed?

And how long will you be able to last? 10, 20, 30 minutes... ONE hour? Really? Let me tell you this without any hesitation, as a so-called "premature ejaculator" I had to try it and I've found...

It works.

But at a great cost.

The most important questions are: What do studies say about the side-effects? Why do some men consider it dangerous? And lastly, is there a better option to best supplement

First, How Does 5-HTP Work?

OK, it's a fact that serotonin makes men last longer in bed. 5-HTP creates more serotonin and that's the why it works.

Truth is, these things are still a mystery for scientists (3). Turns out, foods rich in Serotonin, 5-HTP or Tryptophan won't help you last longer in bed.

Actually, 5-HTP is a double-edegd sword!

Sure, it's extrated from the seeds of a medicinal plant called, 'Griffonia Simplicifolia'. But turns out, this herb can have many many side-effects.

Reason why you should NOT buy 5-HTP pills?

Here are some of the side-effects: On top of that, according to a report in the New York Post, fraudsters are adding rice fillers to make a quick buck.

You're burning money unless your doctor recommends it to you for other reasons (like severe depression or bipolar disorder).

Here are some more reasons:
First, taken alone 5-HTP is likely to go down the flush...

... because you need certain catalysts for a great performance in bed.

Specifically, you need these ingredients:
Worst of all, 5HTP Can Whack Your Brain Chemistry Out Of Order (Serotonin Syndrome).

The bottom line is 5HTP alone - won't work.

So What's The Best Supplement For Lasting Sex?


natural herbal supplement pe
In fact, in a study published by American Journal of Therapeutics it was found that ProsolutionPlus pills delayed ejaculation by 64%.

And why not... because the guy behind it is a well-respected sex-researcher and surgeon Dr. Dave David, MD. He has appeared on TIME, ABC, Fox, CNN and TV shows like "There's A Doctor in the House" etc.

He was also a treating physician to U.S. Olympic teams so realize, he understands male performance.

By now, I hope you have realized that to last longer in bed you can go for this supplement.
Buy ProsolutionPlus supplement directly from the manufacturer
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1. Z.-C. Xin, Y.-C. Zhu, Y.-M. Yuan, W.-S. Cui, Z. Jin, W.-R. Li, T. Liu, “Current therapeutic strategies for premature ejaculation and future perspectives,” Asian Journal of Andrology, vol. 13, no 4, pp. 550-557, 2011. 2. K.-E. Andersson e I. A. Abdel-Hamid, “Therapeutic targets for premature ejaculation,” Maturitas, vol. 70, no 1, pp. 26- 33, 2011. 3. Birdsall, T. C. (1998). 5-Hydroxytryptophan: a clinically-effective serotonin precursor. Alternative medicine review: a journal of clinical therapeutic, 3(4), 271-280. 4. Hinz, M., Stein, A., & Uncini, T. (2012). 5-HTP efficacy and contraindications. Neuropsychiatric disease and treatment, 8, 323.

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