premature ejaculation treatment

Case Against Traditional "PE Treatments"

SSRIs for PE

You know it.

SSRIs (anti-depressants pills), delay sprays and delay condoms are widely used by many men to last longer in bed.

But unfortunately...

The whole truth is they don't work as well as they are projected.

Apart from being a temporary solution, some stuffs like SSRIs, and some pills in the market can be dangerous!

SSRIs are risky game.

Patients suffering from depression found that SSRI pills can somewhat delays ejaculation, now it so happens that many doctors started prescribing them even when they are not approved by FDA.

Lazy doctors, and therapists instead of first counselling couple resort to these prescription drugs. Without even bothering about the long-term implications on the poor guy.

Anti-depressants like dapoxetine (Priligy), fluoxetine (Prozac), paroxetine (Paxil), sertraline (Zoloft) etc. also known as SSRIs have been found to reduce libido, enhance erectile dysfunction and have other side-effects. 

Then they may not work at all.

These things can delay ejaculation in some men but fact is that they've huge side effects & SSRIs can make a person insane, suicidal!

Then they don't provide permanent help - I mean you have to take them for the rest of your life! I can't bear the thought that I've to take something for forever just to keep me go longer.

Just imagine twitching, tongue-darting, reduced sex drive and (importantly) losing the spontaneity of sex. Think if she is in the mood--and you go "wait for 3-4 hours honey, let me take my pill first." (WTF!)

No wonder she will be crazy.

I believe you can try this but not for too long.

I must clarify that SSRI & Natural herbal pills like Prosolution Plus are different. They work in completely different ways. 

Herbal pills do NOT try to play with your brain-chemistry like SSRIs do, trying to increase serotonin.

But many herbal pills are not so effective. And their composition is doubtful.

Delay Creams / Sprays & Delay Condoms Are Cosmetics.

Best desciption: Lipstick on a pig.

Unfortunately so many men use cheap desensiting products and think this will cure their problems. 

Apart from their bad smell, sometimes they numb the women too.

They contain chemicals (topical anaesthetic agents), that numb penis. Of course this is a temporary numbing.

Many men report that initially they worked fine but later on they developed resistance to these stuffs too. And then they've no choice left.

Curing Premature Ejaculaltions - the best way?

I highly recommend that you use any of these quickfixes for short duration only. Just to gain that initial confidence.

Then gradually cure your premature ejaculation. Nowadays there are so many programs that help guys like you gain natural control over ejaculations

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