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About the Author: Kris Lovelock: Namaste, I'm a husband of a loyal wife. I founded this website while I was "CURING" my PE. While I couldn't "cure" it... luckily I found a way to beat it hands down (thanks to an Indian Yogini)... read more...

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Hi Kris, Your program is really interesting. Im starting to see results... Luis L. @ lui***

I am glad you are a real human and are available. I was a "fast ejaculator". But I felt a yearning for more reliable sexual pleasure. Initially I was looking to explore and master multiple and or full body orgasm. Then I lowered the gears and realises that I needed to learn how to go for longer... I love the idea of going deeper into the TRANCE-AROUSAL... it is best for me... my wife and I had the best sex ever.... Alex D. @ alex***

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