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Truth About Benzocaine Condoms: 100% Honest Review

If your looking to last longer in bed during sex with your wife or girlfriend... maybe up to 20-30 minutes or longer... then without doubt, benzocaine condoms can help you...

When I first started having sex with my (ex-)girlfriend they saved me from embarrassment...

... with that said over a period of time I've realized certain negative side-effects and I stopped using them...

To tell you the truth, nowadays I use 'micro-thin' condoms and still last up to 30 minutes longer... so here's everything revealed for you.

What the Heck Is Benzocaine Doing In A Condom?

Benzocaine is a widely-used local anesthetic... and you can find it in pain relieving products and cough drops... and you can even get benzocaine-based delay sprays nowadays...

So what benzocaine does is numb your penis...

And that means you don't feel the moist, soft and pleasurable sensations of the vagina... Thus it delays your premature ejaculation.

Okay, the concept looks ridiculously simple in theory... but here's the problem.

You don't feel much... nothing... nada... zilch... (which is pointless) and you may lose erection right when it matters the most... and she's begging you to go on...

And when you use it for the long-term... believe it or not... contratry to what others may have told you... you can have a permanent problem!

Let Me Explain The Long-Term Implications

Now listen closely because nobody discuss these issues.

You know about the "Pavlov's experiment"? Russian physiologist Pavlov did an interesting study... He'd ring a bell and offer delicious food to his dog.

Surprisingly, after a few trials, he noticed the dog would salivate like crazy even if he was just ringing the bell... with no food in sight!

What in the hell did that weird experiment get to do with me? You'd ask.

What happens when your body or subconscious mind *learns* to lose erection during sex?

That's exactly what happened with me... I used to rely on Benzocaine condoms and other stuffs... until I realized that I almost always lose erection right into the middle of sex.

As a healthy male like you this was alarming.

I thought I was getting older... but no... I'm horny and I should have full erection. Right?

And that's when it occured to me... that my body has fallen into a trap. And this is exactly what robs you of your sexual stamina over a period of time.

You can find exactly how I delay my ejaculations naturally here... Right now, I'll share some wickedly-effective tips to use the Benzocaine condoms.

But before that... let's see...

Advantages of Using Benzocaine Condoms

And Disadvantages of Using Them?

Now it gets nasty...

How to Use The Desensitizing Condom

Like any normal condom, you roll it over your erect penis. Leave it for 2-5 minutes.

But as I warned you before... be careful with the rolling process and continue foreplaying.

Should you receive blowjobs from her?

I personally wouldn't recommend BJs while this is on. Because if by mistake, the chemical gets on the outer wall of the latex and she swallows it... it can be a medical nightmare.

Moreover, some brands stink.

Anyways, here's a condom I recommend. Dotted, feels better, smells better. You can read the Durex Performax review.

Okay, Any Trick To Maintain Superior Erections?

Now this is standard for me. And I've said it a hundered times...

... many men get so numbed they lose their erection, forcing penis to slip off during sex.

So here's exactly what to do...

a) Use Penis ring... even better...

b) Use Male enhancement... or as it's called - "natural Viagra"

No side-effects... No prescription... No damn heafty payments.

There are many pills and oils in the market and most of them are scams...

But the best one I've found has a liquid formula. Body absorbs it fast. You get steel hard.

Here's the liquid-capsules I was talking about.

Final Thoughts

Benzocaine condoms are a great way to last longer in bed.

You can get a original condom with benzocaine at a great bargain here (trusted source, discreet shipping)... But, let me again warn you this is a short term trick to last longer.

Benzocaine numbs, but it fail to cure your premature ejaculation problem. You can use natural techniques to delay ejaculations, which is laid out completely in 3-Steps to Lasting Longer program.

Am I missing anything? Add your comments below... or join my tribe...

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kris lovelock

Hey Kris Lovelock here. The "EX minute-man" behind this site. I've been in this male enhancement industry since early 2008... and if, like me, you've got pretty bad ejaculation control then I believe my practical, everyday tips could help you enjoy mind-blowing 10-20 even up to 30 minutes longer sex with your wife or girlfriend (just like us)...

kris lovelock By the way, here's my 3 Steps to Lasting Longer program. Inside I show you exactly how I naturally last up to 30 minutes longer in bed. Namaste.
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