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Top 9 Delay Sprays Review (How I'd Whopping 44 Mins Longer Sex)

Here's my kick-ass list of 9 best delay sprays which blows all the brands out of the water...

You see, with fake review menace in epidemic proportions I'd to vet everything with a fine-toothed comb. 

And in the journey, I went off the rails, interacted with other bloggers and men, and built what I think is safe, yet insanely effective list of delay sprays.

Notice I've pushed benzocaine-based desensitizing sprays up because they don't have any severe side-effect (make sure you read what I teach there).

Of course, results are NOT typical. But rest assured, delay sprays WORK. And once you figure out how to use them... things can get pretty scary for her.

By the way, I've excluded gimmicky products which turned out to be "dud".

You see, as a husband fighting "Premature Ejaculation" I had to last longer in bed. So sit tight for my first recommendation:

Best Delay Spray  - Benzocaine

1: VigRX delay spray

VigRX the best delay spray

Why you should NOT buy this?

I believe by and by desensiting sprays work even better (lasting 20-45 minutes longer) if you use delaying tactics, avoid side-effects AND keep your erection strong.

Why VigRX is the preferred delay spray for many men?

It keeps the erection stronger... rumour says it has natural ingredients like Panax Ginseng root extract, Ginkgo Biloba, Rasberry fruit extract etc. In fact, you can get FREE male enhancement products with your order.

Why you can buy this?

The brain behind it, Dr. Steven Lamm MD from NY (he has appeared on ABC news, the Daily, radios), is a pioneer in this field.

VigRX, a trusted male enhancement brand is in this game for over a decade. By now you've seen, in this notorious field few companies survive that long.

You can feel good because you can have a lot longer (and vigorous) sex without premature ejaculation when you get this spray ...

Buy VigRX spray from the manufacturer's site
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2: Sliquid Ride

Overall, it's a good benzocaine product and if you know what you want then this is a good spray to go with.

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#3 Sta-Erect Spray

A cheap benzocaine numbing spray from a well-known adult-toy maker Doc Johnson. But it needs a lot of improvement. A petroleum like smell was a turn off.

Moreover, as the name suggest it's NOT going to impact your erections.

Buy now Sta-Erect from Lovehoney
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Top Lidocaine Sprays

#4 Stud 100

If you have tried benzocaine products without much benefit then this should be your first lidocaine spray but couterfeit products is an issue even on Amazon. It's popular but the next brand is good...

Buy Stud 100 from Amazon
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#5 Max Control

It's a nice water-based numbing spray.

Buy Max Control spray from Lovehoney
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#6 Dynamo Delay

13% lidocaine means you've to dial down otherwise you may not see a good erection. Or it can transfer to your wife or girlfriend.

Buy Dynamo Delay spray from Lovehoney
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#7 KY Duration spray

KY Duration spray Review

Buy KY Duration now at Amazon
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#8 Shibri Triton delay spray

Buy Triton now at Amazon
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#9 Super Dragon Delay Spray

NOT RECOMMENDED: "Toad Venom, "Jamaican Rock or Chinese rock", "Cat's claw" etc.

Potentially lethal. Do NOT use them.

Although they boast to have some secret "natural" formulation. But can have symptoms of poisoning.

The Biggest Problem With Delay Spray

You lose erection...
But the good news is there's a way out? It costs less than $5... or you can get it for FREE! Here's the first thing you need:

a) Penis-ring

They trap the blood inside the penis to keep your initial erection (WARNING: you should not go beyond 30 minutes).

And I highly recommend the next option...

b) Natural Male Enhancement

Fortunately, when you order VigRX delay spray then you may also get crackerjack male enhancement products for FREE.

Frankly, I used to ignore them until I started using them for writing review on this website. I understand why a lot of men ignore them.

But believe me, you'll be surprised by your peak performance. You may get full erections like you were teenager. Try once - you and your woman will fall in love with them.
: No need to buy them seperately. You get them for FREE (or at huge discounts) when you order VigRX Delay Spray.

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How to Use Delay Sprays For Freaking Long Sex (Step-By-Step Guide)
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By the way, here's my 3 Steps to Lasting Longer program. Namaste. kris lovelock

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