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Kris Lovelock

3 steps

The best investment in yourself and your relationship.

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About the Author: Kris Lovelock I founded this website when I was "CURING" my PE. The old blog was lost forever (during a migration in 2012, I'm not as tech savvy). But I became "ejac savvy"... click to read more...

When I started out there were no such resources to help out men. Today, I can dare to tell you how to delay your ejaculation reflex and get into a rythymic sexual thrusting that I learnt in the original Tantra (thanks to a Yogini) in the breakthrough program 3 Steps to Lasting Longer.

This is simply the best investment in yourself and your loving relationship. To that end here's something for you.

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premature ejaculation,therapist, pe coach Namaste, Kris Lovelock here. You see, a real man delays his ejaculation until his woman has her orgasm (or orgasms).

Ejaculating at LIGHT SPEED made me frustrated with each graying hair.

And then like millions of men, I had to resort to ineffective traditional stuff... click here to read more...

Finally, I've found that anyone can beat rapid ejaculation and last up to 30 minutes longer with these 3 Steps to Lasting Longer

3 steps


Veronica Monet "I like a lot of what you are sharing with men... I also learned something that I did not already know (which is rare...)"

-- Veronica Monet, Certified Sex Educator and Sexologist, California on my 3 Steps to Lasting Longer, Veronica Monet has been seen on:

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