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[NEW] Penis Desensitizing Gel for LONGER Sex

Ejaculating early before THE woman is embarrassing.

The shame of NOT being able to satisfy a woman on bed frustrates us guys. You know, when she gets disappointed, she doesn't approach for sex again because there is no excitement.

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Could GELS make you a sex-machine? Find out... 

After all what's the point of getting excited if you can't satisfy her basic instincts. Almost 22% women eventually becomes Anorgasmic, inability to achieve Orgasm. And this is NOT good for the relationship.

Actually, you want to perform and show her that you're the best lover she is ever going to have. But the ejaculation comes out of nowhere, and leaves you (& her) frustrated and dissatisfied.


I know the pain of not being able to satisfy a woman. For several years, I was suffering from PE and things turned quite ugly. But delay gels, and desensitizing sprays have saved me a lot of times.

And today I will make some suggestions for you, based on my experience and researching 100s of hours, learning from other user reviews.

This product is not perfect. But there are some ways to perform great even with desensitizing sprays or gel! I will reveal it ALL in a moment. But I must tell you that I no longer use these products, I use natural techniques to last as long as I want. I would be happy to help you, if you need any you can contact me anytime, more in a moment.

But first let's discuss a few tricks and a few no-nos with desensitizing gels to perform better (fast discreet shipping, highly recommended).

Yes, desesitizing gels or delay creams or numbing lube as you may call it -- works. But you need to be very cautious and of course they will NOT cure premature ejaculation.

But delay lubricants work wonderfully for short term. Let's begin,

What Are Desensitizing Creams, Sprays, Lubes or Gels? And Advantages For Me?

These creams are different from the normal creams you see over-the-counter or in the drug stores to lubricate vagina. These creams numb. And it's only for YOU. You apply them 1-2 hours or 20-15 minutes (as indicated) before sex, and then wipe them thoroghly, better wash it.

Now what's so magical about it?

All the creams, sprays or lubes contain a desensitizing chemical (either Benzocaine or Lidocaine). These chemicals are used by dentists and tatoo-makers to numb the skin. 

No matter what marketing behind behind the product is, or how magical they are presented to be -- they all are basically the same. With only a few basic differences. We will see them.

Here we apply it to numb the most sensitive parts of the penis i.e. the glans or the inverted 'V' string under the penis.

Don't worry. This numbing-effect is safe and short-lived!

You can go on and on, pumping hard... and you won't ejaculate too soon! (There are other critical things to consider! We'll talk about it in a moment)

CAUTION: You've to wipe your penis thoroughly before entering vagina. Otherwise, it will numb her. And both of you willl not feel anything. Not a good experience.

2) You can use them whenever needed.

Here they have an advantage over Drugs or the prescription medicines like SSRIs or anti-depressants. You must take pills on daily basis, even herbal pills like 5HTP or Prosolution Plus.

Moreover, prescription pills have many horrible side-effects. Just Google it and you'll realize their devastating results.

But you can use these delay sprays or gels whenever required. It's a freedom, imagine she gets into a mood, or you hit a random date -- you can always count on these creams.

3)  Delay lube gives you instant result

It usually takes less than 10 minutes (sometimes even less, however some people need more time) for it to work!

Unlike the anti-depressants, which may need up to 3 months to get results, these creams work almost immediately.

4) Lastly using good delay gels (open in new tab) will boost your confidence

Woman love to see the confidence in their man. If you want to see her happy tonight (maybe even bang her hard) - it could be your wild card!

There are many creams, sprays and gels. Ingredients are more or less same...  But the difference is in the quality.

I like Mandelay, it's a good low-cost option. And this vendor ships it discreetly. Other vendors (Amazon, ebay etc.) reveal items names on the cover. Many men were left red-faced when their receptionist, boss, or neighbour collect the items for them. So, don't take any chances.

BUT our discussion would be incomplete without seeing disadvantages of these delay creams. Yep, we have them.

Disadvantages Of Using Desensitizing Creams?

Yep, plenty.

6) Handle with care - it can make everyone in the room numb.

Wipe thoroughly before penetration

Otherwise, she will NOT feel anything but your empty pumping. And she'll NOT enjoy it. You can try delay condoms if you feel like you may not be able to handle the numbing creams. 

7) These gels are a cover-up 

They do not give you any meaningful stamina, or heal the root cause of the PE problem, which is simple. 

I've gained a massive sex stamina, by short-circuiting the 'ejaculation urge' in just three simple steps. And once you get my methods, you enjoy natural stamina and last as long as you want without stressing over anything. If you need any help on it, email me or comment below.


8) Bad smell

This chemical smells bad and can kill the mood. Once a woman, I've been with, thought there is a dead rat in the room (sensitive nose!). And guess what happened when she found it is coming from the penis... funny.

Sex is all about good experience. 

And a foul chemical smell can turn her off. There is actually a spray which doesn't smell bad. I'll tell you about it in a minute.

9) You can lose your erection

It's a common problem with these creams. Actually, men lose so much erection that they simply couldn't penetrate -- no matter how excited or hard they try.

It's embarrassing and the solutions can simple:

a) use a cock-ring.

Better: use a vibrating cock-ring. Now you can use high-end cock ring which gives strong vibrations and is water-resistant long-term invesment,

or you can try a simple vibrating cock-ring for now.

It traps the blood inside your penis and keeps it hard for a good amount of time. And when they vibrate they bring the women to orgasm real fast. So it's a win-win situation!

Another trick to gain harder erection, alongwith delaying the ejaculation!

Some male enhancement pills contain herbal erection enhancers which work fast. Just like Viagra, but without prescription.

These herbal erection enhancers (like L-Arginine) go into the penis skin and expand the nerves and delivers the magical almost instant erection. The liquid-gel capsule boosts the absorption and you get immediate harder erections.

Sounds interesting??

Well it is.

And being original herbal product it's high-end but I think you'll gain back you investment when she begs you to fuck her again and again.

I always say, don't give flowers to women -- they forget about them. No need to take her to 3-star dinners -- she is dieting, no need to shower expensive gifts on her -- it makes her happy for a moment,

If you really want to make her happy and flutter like a butterfly for the whole week then apply this gel, wipe it, and take a pill and then, take her to a corner and enjoy the hell out of her.

I bet she will never forget the experience and YOU... she will only get hooked to you for more and more sex.

Recommended resourses for original products:

1) Mandelay; alongwith cock-rings, a good low-cost option

2) VigRX delay spray: no bad odor, easy to handle, no partner numbing

3) Liquid-gel capsules: gives powerful erections

4) 3 Steps to Lasting Longer: the natural techniques I use to last up to 30 minutes

Now it's your turn to share your experience in comments.


Am I missing anything? Add your comments below... or join my tribe...

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kris lovelock By the way, here's my 3 Steps to Lasting Longer program. Inside I show you exactly how I naturally last up to 30 minutes longer in bed. Namaste.
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