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Most guys who now can last longer, enjoys good sex with girls; know & use these critical pieces of info.


If you are looking for ways to put an end to your premature ejaculation embarrassment then following 5 crucial points will guide you to achieve just that in shortest possible time. There can't be any expensive or time-consuming mistakes.

Just imagine yourself fucking with full confidence on bed; your confidence only is being awfully appreciated by the girl!

Do remember my friend a wrong decision or lack of just 1 piece of information can cost you your relationship - with the girl you love most! Latter I'll tell you what you need most to get over PE.


Here are few points to armour you to fight off PE (yeah it's war on PE ha ha...):


1) PE isn't a simple problem. It involves not just psychological or physical issues but also relationship matters. It's in your best interest to apply a comprehensive strategy to tackle it. Or probably a nice therapist who have a good experience in treating PE!

Many people falsely think that things will improve with time as they become more experienced when in reality nothing changes unless they do something about it.


2) Blame or guilt trip isn't going to help you here. In fact they will put you into more troubles e.g. erectile dysfunction etc. So the best you can do is to gather all your resolve to put an end to this condition. As many men have successfully cured their PE you must cling to that hope.


3) You do not necessarily have to do intercourse without stopping for 1 hour, to make a girl cum or "satisfy her fully". Not many women want that kind of fucking style. They would more likely want a "wave" pattern of sex. A good sex style involves ups & downs, sometimes fast exertions, then deep grinding & other times pure teasing.

All of this happens in waves not monotonous. So understand this crucial aspect of female sexuality & aim for "mutually satisfying sex style". Something that both of you would love.


4) Sex is not a performance test; it's about enjoying, sharing love & having fun. Really many, many guys make the mistake of assuming sex as a final year test in which some men fail & some pass (as they think).

Come-on no girl is judging his man; they too are just trying to have fun!

But very few men actually enjoy it with their partner (mutually)! So focus on enjoying sex, don't take it on your ego. Women in fact most often complain the insensitivity of male partner more than PE. A good tip here will be that you get involved with the girl & try to play with her more & more! Women want an involved lover.


5) Prescription medicine has serious side-effects plus they don't solve any relationship issue. Many times it's the woman who feels that her man is cold, selfish; he is using her for sex. Experts feel that consultation is important for PE if you are experiencing very severe emotional or marital problem.

Otherwise a guide is enough for most men to give them control on their sexuality. So prescription medicine should be your last resort.


Now that you know some rules of the game it's time for you to actually come in the ground, play it & win it.


No, you need a coach - a good coach. Without which it's all dead. I've compared some good online coaches here to naturally-cure premature-ejaculation. You will not be disappointed with the quick improvements in your control during sex.

kris lovelock

Hey Kris here. Luckily I found a way to beat my PE hands down (thanks to an Indian Yogini). And now, 7 years of amazing married life has made me feel I know NOTHING about her, sex & women read more about me. or better contact me for any questions, requests or review.

By the way, here's my 3 Steps to Lasting Longer program. Inside I show you how to last up to 30 mins longer naturally. Namaste. kris lovelock

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