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KY Duration (0.36oz): Can You Survive The Side-Effects? My 100% Candid Review

If you want to ramp up your stamina and relish longer sex... maybe 20 - 30 - even up to 45 minutes longer... then sure you can do it...

... but "every good thing has a price" - And this quick-fix has a few unexpected side-effects too...

So when the new "KY Duration delay spray" came out... I thought about surprising my wife...

Though by now, there was a frenzy to grab this delay spray... but the real question is does it REALLY work?

Is it just another hype with nasty side-effects? Or a godsend magical wand?... who knows?

So I ordered it to find the truth...

K-Y Duration: UNCENSORED Review

When it arrived I was excited. At about 10 p.m. same day, when my son slept... we slipped into our bedroom...

I applied 3 sprays (as suggested in the directions)... and we started kissing, licking and cuddling up ... you know... warming up before sex...

I felt a slight tingling sensation down there, it was more than usual... but nothing that a man could handle. We carried on... and soon I got a full erection.

I quickly took a detour and washed it off. Wore a condom and flew towards bed...

... things were going smoothly...

She was moaning, turning her head sideways and dripping with sex juices... she was enjoying it.

It numbed me... And when I inserted my penis I felt almost no sensation or faint sensations... it wasn't normal.The delay spray appeared to work.

But 5-10 minutes into sex... after the initial euphoria died I felt a grave issue.

It was my erection.

My monster-sized penis (OK, average-sized penis) was down by almost 30%... and worse?

I was NOT feeling a thing. No matter what... it wouldn't wake up.

WTF... now I got a bit worried.

I rushed toward the cabinet, pulled out my "penis ring"... how did I forget it. (Plus, I totally forgot the male enhancment)

So it was OK performance thereafter... And to sum up my experience: it was mixed.

My wife is a happy woman... and she enjoyed every moment of it... especially because I am open to trying new things.

But to tell you the truth... KY Duration spray has 3 major side-effects

First, your numbed - like death.

And you need to do something about it. I highly recommend trying VigRX products. When I take them regularly my wife loves the strength of my erections and we have lots of sex and she couldn't help but come uncontrollably...

... Actually, she has encouraged me to use these supplements... but let's not go into that discussion now...

And you might need a little $2 rubber penis-ring too.

They are worth every penny.

Second, you need to figure out the optimum number of sprays for you. For some people, 1 squirt of spray is good... some men may need more.

Third, learn to last longer in bed naturally.

The truth is I could easily last 20-30 minutes in bed... and that's why I was able to add 10-15 more minutes to my sexual stamina...

What Happened Next?

Next day, we tried again.

I applied just one squirt (2-3 squirts are recommended) and used all the techniques I know and I didn't forget to take Male enhancement and penis-ring along...

I was really a beast... and she was absolutely delighted. So if you want go ahead and try this new spray.... But now I'll reveal how it actually works...

How Does The KY Duration Spray Work?

K-Y Duration has a special chemical called Lidocaine, which numbs the sensitive penis skin, almost like Promescent.

Although Lidocaine is deemed safe by FDA and it's brought into play in cuts and burns... in fact, dumb men inject it to look like freaks (Synthol injections):

(he forgot his legs)

Meanwhile, just like there are solid natural bodybuilding, there are ways to control ejaculations - naturally... I talked about in my FREE ebook First Step to Lasting Longer.

It is not rocket science.... and I show you how I discovered secrets to incredible sex stamina from an Indian yogini.... Moving on...

KY Duration Review At A Glance:



Of course, many men find it amazing but for me personally, benzocaine sprays are better.

My ratings: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
KY Duration spray users
Original K-Y Duration Spray


And to show you the other side of the story, here are some reviews from other men:

What other users say?

"My friend hooks me up with a Bj, and I put it to the test and damn she was working there for a long time lol."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I found these on Amazon :

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
"I didn't even know if I was in her. Turns out I was because a few minutes into it she was like "what are you doing"? I said banging, and she said no! Your limp and slipped out like 2 minutes ago! So I still don't know what if we even had sex."

[UPDATE] More Observations

Directions to use KY-Spray?

It's simple... You spray it on the penis-head (keep some distance to cover larger skin), after 5-15 minutes, wash it off really well for the "adventure".

Don't use condoms over it. Wash it off first and then wear a condom. You can try delay condoms but they are less effective.

"What's That Strange Smell?"

This is just another chemical... although perfume is added...

Unfortunately, it means you are not getting any blowjobs. There's nothing much you can do about it. 

You can try other delay sprays made from benzocaine or go for pills like Prosolution Plus

Or better yet, you can use techniques last longer naturally.

"Can She Get Numbed?"


You MUST wash it off before penetrating.

"Can I Wear A Condom?"


It can burst...use delay condoms.

"Will I Gain Any Permanent Stamina?"


Love it or hate it but ejaculation is a reflex action...

No chemical or drug can give you any control over this monster.

But here I've shown you a simple way to short-circuit it and last longer naturally

Do You Gain Natural Sex Stamina?

K-Y Duration doesn't fix the root cause of the problem.


I'm not a big fan of the Lidocaine-based delay sprays but yes they are better than anti-depressants.

If you haven't tried the Benzocaine sprays yet then I believe you should go for them first... see the top 7 sprays here.


 Buy KY Duration from Amazon


Am I missing anything? Add your comments below... or join my tribe...

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kris lovelock By the way, here's my 3 Steps to Lasting Longer program. Inside I show you exactly how I naturally last up to 30 minutes longer in bed. Namaste.
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