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How Do I Last Longer During Intercourse: ONE Weird NLP Trick

Sometimes bigger is better...

... bigger muscles (with or without steroids)... bigger penis... bigger breasts... nobody wants the bare bones.

We want more sex... 20 minutes... 30 minutes... an hour long... or a weakend full of sex...

Both men and women want it longer... not counting down the seconds until its over...

lasting during intercourse

To that end, when I wade through all the junk online, I shake my head in disappointment... that's NOT how you last longer during intercourse.

Some say sprays are good, others say they are bad...
Some say try new things in bed, others say wait for marriage (as if things miraculously improve)...
Some say focus on her, others say solve Maths problems...

A popular website recommends this crap: "During sex, take mental breaks by thinking of something mundane such as multiplication tables"

Shrinks Say Distract or Take Nasty Pills

Excuse me, but I don't crave Maths when my hot wife is naked in front of me... begging, "fuck me harder."

There are plenty of such "popular" techniques that work as rare as spotting a BigFoot... and most men get stuck in the mud, hanging to the bare minimum sex.

First, because most people ignore the most powerful sex organ.

The real trick to having longer sex is like an iceberg... most of it is invisible to the naked eye.

In business, you learn a Pareto Principle which says 20% efforts bring 80% results. But most people ignore that crucial 20%.

And it true about sex too.

Most websites, Shrinks, and men jump on the 80% stuff and are too happy to get 20% bones that they ignore the meat.

It's obvious why they miss it. They read other Shrinks who have read it in a book or heard it from someone and they just quote what they have learned... while it's OK at some places...

... but when it comes to sex... lasting longer during intercourse is an Art.

You see, you can learn Theory of Music, but that doesn't make you a musician. I don't know a grammar teacher who is also a good storyteller or a poet.

See, The Most Powerful Sex Organ Is Ignored By Almost Everyone

You can easily last for 20-30 minutes in bed. Would you like to discover how?

The answer is between your ears, not your legs. Yes, it's the mind...

And I'm not talking about becoming a monk (as some recommend)... they say meditate for hours for decades then maybe you can last 30 minutes longer during intercourse.

You can do that but there's an easy way out.

I've Found This To Be Very Helpful.

It may take you 5 minutes to start to see the changes or it can take you 5 days.. depending on how sincerely you do it. I'll show you the trick...

But before that we also need to build a solid foundation...if it's week, your Sex Tower is doomed.

a) Taking care of Prostate

Believe it or not, according to a study inflammation in Prostate is common among men who don't last long. You may not see any symptom, and you may not know until you do something about it.

You may ask your doctor to check if you have Prostatitis or you can take this supplement - to be safe now and for the future.

If you're above 45 years then I highly recommend you to take this supplement you may be surprised with the quick progress.

b) Take Vitamin D and Vitamin B12

When your hormones are whacked out of proportion then you don't have good sex. Men who don't last longer usually have less Serotonin, along with more Testosterone and Dopamine...

... actually too much or too little of any hormone is bad for you.

Most people assume that by pumping Serotonin they can be a pornstar.

No, soaring Serotonin can plummet your sex drive. Same goes for Dopamine - too little of it and you lose your mojo.

And I just don't know why these days Testosterone is made such a bad thing after Witchcraft.

It's a good thing, we men need it. That's what separates us men from the opposite sex. And before anyone says Testosterone is responsible for coming quickly and being a jerk... here's another study...

... for men who last longer, Testosterone has not been found to interfere in any way .... that's why it's better to have more.

These two supplements i.e. Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 support a balanced production of Serotonin.

Of course, they don't replace good diet, and there are good supplements to last longer but deficiency in these two is epidemic across the world.

NLP: The Way I Last Longer During Intercourse

King Kong
(source: wikipedia)

Maybe you were able to last longer when you were young... but as you aged you lost that edge... or you've always masturbated quicker and now it's hard for you to shake it off...

... or it could be that you can last longer during masturbation, but not with a woman...

Whatever the case is with you... here's one golden rule:

Sex is an activity of the present moment.

While having sex, you must NOT distract yourself... This is really important and Shrinks don't get it. While having sex, most men create poor images, they think about something, about their past or the future.

It's a grave mistake. Instead, you arrive in the moment and to do that start noticing everything around you (while having sex).

Now tell me what do you do during sex? This is going to be fun...

What I mean is what do you do internally, like what are you feeling? Where do you feel it first? How is it moving?
What are you seeing... is it an image or a movie. Is it bright?
What are you hearing... in what tone of voice?

Take a few moments to answer these questions... and notice that these questions deal with 3 senses (visual, auditory, kinesthetic).

Clearly, the current strategy you are using is not working. Change it and you can instantly last longer. 

A few days ago a guy wrote to me that he could last forever during blowjobs and handjobs but not during sex... as if oral sex isn't sex (unless you're Bill Clinton)... her mouth is as warm and as moist as her vagina... But this is rad.

When I asked him these questions he said,
"During blowjobs and handjobs, I'm mostly stationary since my girl is doing all the work. I guess you could say I go into a sort of Trance where I focus the pleasure in my cock towards my mind and just get really into the feeling.
As for the image, I picture good feelings moving up from the bottom to top in a burst of energy. I don't really hear any special voice in particular other than my girl slurping on my cock."

But something strange happens during sex...
"I can't seem to focus right. The moment we have sex, it's like she sucks the energy from me with how good her pussy feels. I lose all focus and get drawn into the tightness, wetness of her pussy and sound of her moans."
Then he writes something weird,
"Sometimes I'm like a minute man but other times it's like I've been possessed and can last for up to an hour of raw sex and she loves it."
One thing is clear: he knows the strategy to last forever. AND he is using it... but not all the time. Are you still with me?

You are like 3-feets away from the gold... the strategy is right here... in front of your eyes... can you see it... feel it stepping toward you...

Now pay attention here... here's what I told him to do... instead of imagining the "good feelings moving up from the bottom to top in a burst"... here's what you need to do:

=> imagine it moving down from top to bottom.

Imagine the good feelings as a ball of energy... and reverse the flow... I do it exactly the same thing.

I imagine the flow of energy moving down from my chest and spine, down to stomach and pelvis... then out of my penis into her.

Yes, let your focus (or the ball of energy) go into her... in an upward movement... from her pelvis, spine, breasts, shoulders, neck, head and then moving out of her... you can nod your head up and down as you imagine it.

I tend to give myself a push... like that Tai Chi move, extend your hand out... don't let the energy spread out... push your hands down...

...make the energy go down... through your whole body down to the toes... and then give a push up from the toes. And make it go out and in your head again.

That's right, imagine the ball of energy (or the good feelings whatever you call) moving out of her and then make them come right back into your head... start with bursts and try slowing it down... and then maybe speed it up just to experiment how your body reacts... and have FUN - no matter what (you know most guys forget this part).

Now... you may think what's the use of cycling energy... then remember

... everything in nature is cyclical. Planets, galaxies, tides, seasons... even stock market.

So when you start to imagine this way, your neurology reverses.

First, try this on your own. Have some practice... then try it when she is around you, not having sex (include her into those loops)... then during BJs.. and then during sex.

It's gradual and I'm sure by the time you have sex... you'll have done enough practice and would have reversed your neurology.

Ohh and during that first time, you may lose focus... it's totally OK... it happens...

Sex should increase your creativity. And it will. Concentrate on this part that I've just told you. Rest of the things will fall into place and soon you last as long as you want... how long? Well, as long as you maintain this state.

Actually, You Create A Mixture Of Experiences Or States In Your Mind During Sex.

Start with these cycles of energy, then enjoy her... then give a push to these cycles of energy... then arrive in to the present moment (notice a few things) this way you never get bored of longer sex...

... and be as vulger as you can be... talking dirty...

... imagine a King (not a warrior) he indulges in the best things in life... talk dirty... and then focus on cycling this energy...

... imagine Kong, God of the Jungle, and beat your chest... dominate her, throw her (in bed), protect her... do everything King Kong would do...

... basically do everything enjoyable along with this reverse cycling of energy.

When I saw the movie Kong: Skull Island, I was just pumped up... we, after all, are more similar to apes... you can take any symbolic epitome of manhood... maybe from a recent movie... or in the next few days you'll notice one and imagine it...

All in all, once you follow the strategy... it's the raunchiest fun inside your mind (and out in bed). And still, it's just the beginning.

And don't make the mistake of assuming that it's not going to work for you... if you've a penis and a sound mind... then it'll work.

By now if you want a step-by-step guide then checkout 3 Steps to Lasting Longer here...

The more you read and learn, the less your adversaries will know -- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Am I missing anything? Add your comments below... or join my tribe...

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