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"FUCK ME Harder... All Night Long"

I was begging on my knees for her to come back...

my ex-girlfriend's words hit me like a ton of bricks...

If you're a man who ejaculates before your wife, girlfriend or 30 minutes... as you read these words off your screen let me warn you...

... this page could bring back memories... but it'll be all for your good... actually, life-changing...

... and if you decide to stay I'll show you how by now you've been lied to by every woman...

As you wonder what this page is about... let me tell you this isn't some BS "10 ways to satisfy her"... or that kind of shit.

I'll tell you a story, and as you hear this story give your full attention because then you'll feel good for the rest of your life...

So as it unfolded in that pub... my ex-GF was RIPPING me in public... she was drunk... and she didn't sugarcoat:

"the last time sex felt good was years ago...!!!"

"you barely fuck me..."

"it's 'NOT OK' to suck in bed

"fuck me harder... all night and I'm yours"

I overheard people giggling and joking, 


"Two-pump chump..."

"Minute Man..."

"Here comes the Premature Ejaculator..."

No. Place. To. Hide.

... as lights flashed over her beautiful face. She had no remorse for cheating on me.

Her new boyfriend (a solid gym rat) cupped her breasts, kissed her neck, and smirked, as if saying, "I ravaged her... MINE"

My head hanged in shame like a butt-naked kid spanked in front of the whole school... I didn't deserve it, I was a "NICE MAN"

My hand went for the ring in my pocket I bought for her. And now this shame and public ridicule...

Hi and Namaste, this is Kris Lovelock, a (ex) Premature Ejaculation (PE) sufferer, husband and father. My hacks have been described as the "most sensible Tantric way to end PE"

But as it turned out a few years later... I took a sweet revenge on her as I ended up with secrets to last up to 30 minutes longer in bed, I "demolished" her until she cried out my name in lust... made her my sex slave to give me blowjobs like a hungry tigress on my command... made her to bow and worship my cock and so much I can't reveal in public...

Now how the heck did that happen?

Namaste, Kris here... you may know me by my helpful blog posts, emails or programs online...

And this may sound unbelievable but looking back, I think I know what happend...

But before we go further here's a little warning: 

Well I can't make you last whole night TODAY... but 10 minutes? 15 minutes? Even up to 30-minutes? Yes, that's doable... 

Sexologist Veronica

"I also learned something that I did not already know (which is rare)... I like a lot of what you are sharing..."

Veronica Monet CA, U.S.A. Certified Sexologist & Author, as seen on:

So here's the deal:

If your looking to gain massive ejaculation control... to relish raw, finger-licking, hip-spanking long sex... even up to 30 minutes (which she badly needs)... then please read the page now... because I don't want you to lose on this...

But first... Wonder Why Do We Men Have ZERO Ejaculation Control?

Believe it or not, lasting longer isn't about: 

Now pay attention here: low ejaculation control is because of your "instincts," which has evolved over millions of years.

Basically, our ancestors living in the jungles had to finish sex quickly. Actually, no male animal could last beyond 3-6 seconds. 

So it's NOT your mistake. It's just evolution.

But Have You Ever Wondered Why There's So Much Embarrassment Around It?

See, nothing humiliating is ever recorded in any ancient text... from Greek mythology to geeky Kamasutra... 

... early ejaculation was NORMAL.

Consider this: Hephaestus, the Greek God of Fire, had it once. It was OK, and a great king was born.

And Kamasutra just mentions, "Fine men should learn the Art of Longer Sex"

So East or West - it was OK. It was a learnable skill.

But history has shown us that Radical feminists (and shrinks) invented "plans" to pull us down... to make us feel bad about being men...

This shame and embarrassment made it harder - actually impossible - for us men to grow sexually.

Hand in glove Radical Feminists & Shrinks created a new species called the modern "pussified men"...


... look around, do you see more "pussy power"... when men are projected as jerks in ads, movies, news, books...

Because Of Radical Feminists And Shrinks, Men Forgot The Art Of Lasting Longer...

They spread the lies: "Penis can't satisfy women."

Everybody nodded like sheep. In a survey, 75% men wished to last longer!  

Isn't it so strange, huh?

Look our society has all kinds of books and courses available... from learning to drive cars to stock market trading...

But nobody taught you this Art!

They Taught You ALGEBRA!!!! What Could Be More Important Than Longer Sex? Love? Loyality?

And it didn't stop at just Algebra... 

You were bombarded with fingering-techniques, oral sex books, vibrators, dildos - any pointed object - to keep your penis from thrusting longer and dominating her mind!

And soon Shrinks turned a PERFECTLY natural phenomenon into a shameful disease, a disorder, an embarrassment - "Premature Ejaculation" - to be treated??? Seriously? 

The Art of Longer Sex was ignored... ridiculed... DESTROYED.

They created 3 Operations to inflict this disaster:

Operation "Dispose Man"

Believe it or not, shrinks have a high suicide rate! They are crazy.

... on top of that when it comes to sex it gets even more ridiculous.

The truth behind therapy is:

Experts have warned exercises like pause-&-squeeze, jelqing etc. millions of men around the world practice can damage the urethra, winding them up with weaker or painful erections.

Things go back to square one!

And it gets even worse.

It's like when you've lost 10 pounds of weight but after a few months every damn pound comes back... plus a few more. Ever experienced that frustration?

Of course, they won't tell you this. But as your friend I'll reveal everything... here's their crapy trick:

Pull out... FREEZE... don't ejaculate (how?)... (even if she is "this close" to an earth-shattering orgasm).

They'll tell you to use any pointed object except your penis. I wonder whether you have noticed - it makes you a DISPOSABLE trash.

Operation "COVER-UP"

FDA"These deceptive products can harm you!"
FDA has identified an emerging trend... where OTC products... dietary supplements could be harmful... (these are) untested and unstudied pharma ingredients...

"Your wilting willy will snap into attention and will be steel-hard ALL night long."

Let me blow the whistle on these greedy pharma companies: it doesn't work.

The truth about these pills, creams, patches is they do more damage in the long term. 

They will go to any length to keep you from gaining the skills to last longer in bed.

And the third pitfall is the deadliest...

Operation "Wait-And-Watch" (MANkind's Doom)

"Sex gets better with age," you've heard it... 

That's a fool's errand. Control gets WORSE... see this,

"I'm 40... married at 29. She is getting highly depressed... gonna divorce... I CAN'T PENETRATE HER AT ALL"

treat premature ejaculation, last longer in bed

Mark my words: That's how you wind up with these pitfalls.

The bottom line is nothing out there helps you to last longer naturally... like those ancient kings and pornstars... It's a bad time to be a man! Is there no way out of this hell?


To make my point, here's Jon Dough, Jon Doughmay he rest in peace.

He was no ordinary pill-popping pornstar. What's special about him is he went from NO control to satisfying 55 gorgeous women in ONE day...

That's NOT a typo. I repeat he satisfied 55 - fifty-five women... in ONE day.

He didn't stop at that... and went on to satisfying 101 smoking hot women in THREE days. 

To give you a perspective the legendary King Ghengis Khan ejaculated 20 - twenty - times a day. And today, 16 million people call him "Grand Daddy".

Truth is MOST pornstars pop pills to perform. But Jon Dough was one of those very few guys who did it WITHOUT pills, injections or BJ assistants.

This proves that lasting longer isn't brain surgery. It's an art.

Five Words Hold The Little-Known Way To Last Longer in Bed

Now I'll show you a secret formula to control your ejaculation forever.

It's hidden in these five words: "Block the "URGE" to ejaculate!"

You see, you ejaculate WHEN you've the urge. If you don't get the urge - you don't ejaculate.

You REALLY can have sex like the "man of the house" - as long as YOU want... when you've no urge.

It can't be that simple. Is it?

OK, the thing is I didn't "get" it either... it's an artistic thing. I found someone who knew the secrets.

So, when I'd lost all hopes, by sheer dumb luck I found an Indian Yogini...

She revealed 5,000-year-old Tantra secrets and rituals that I'd NEVER seen anywhere... Not just reveal them, but the sexy yogini gave me a hands-on experience... you know, what I mean...

Believe it or not, instantly I began lasting longer... it reversed my decade long PE instantly and made me a real man...

Good news is: I improved upon my yogini girlfriend... But before that here's a funny incident...

Revenge Of The "Minute Man"

Well, after almost 2 years I met my ex-GF again... I didn't kill or ashamed her... but I did something meaner.

Now when I saw her I looked at my naked finger... and thought why not show her what a "minute MAN" can do... 

It was a stupid idea, but hey... so be it. I started texting her and she was more than interested.

The jerk (her "new" boyfriend) had cheated on her... and by now she was hungry to hold a cock... even if for a minute. 

As she unzipped me and pulled out my throbbing cock, mad with lust she forgot how we used to have sex before...

She forgot NOT to be wild... 

She forgot NOT to rip clothes and uncover her flushed breasts and a fine ass you'd never find anywhere...

She forgot NOT to lick, slurp and suck... eyes closed in pleasure saliva was dripping on my balls...

She opened her hypnotic eyes and then closed again... I didn't know how long she took, but she was getting impatient. 

Then I took her up on bed... and she quickly spread and commanded, "give me your cock, NOWWWW."

Now that got me... Hey, your not my boss. Fuck, No. 

I said, "Show me how to beg for a cock?" And instantly she was on her knees... pleading for it.

Then as I moved her and plowed inside her warm vulva, she sighed deeply and as I thrusted harder tears roll down her cheeks... maybe out of gratification or lust... who knows... but now...

I was in flow... 

I was merciless... 

I was beast...

I was her BOSS. 

I was banging with full force... she didn't have the time to breathe... and her moans were getting louder... she was pink...

I never saw her like that before... actually, I never pleased her like that before.

I fucked her in every way I could bend her... I lost the sense of time and finally my senses returned when I heard her begging, "Please stop, finish. STOP. PLEASEEE"... her pleasant smile turned into a grimace...

She was sore... but it was OK.

And then as she was catching her breath a realization dawned upon her...

She asked, "How did you do that?"

"Do What?" I said.

Confused, she said, "The fucking sex... I didn't knew what hit me... ahh... you used to barely last like 30 seconds????"

I said, "ahh... maybe genes... gotta sleep." And when I got up, I was shocked to see this...

tigress cleaning

She was merrily cleaning the floor... What? A snobby manager? - she never did that earlier... and then she washed and ironed my clothes!

The "woman in her" was thanking me all along.

And the next day as she came in she said, "Please be gentle with me." 

It was so different than what she used to scream earlier, "fuck me harder... faster... harder... be a man, Kris!!!"

A sense of blissfulness dawned upon me.

In fact, whenever I'm mad about something and want to show myself I'm in control of my life... I fuck a woman mercilessly.

Mission accomplished!

Needless to add, the gossip industry went back to work... Men started approaching me for advice and women suddenly got interested in me... 

And you must be thinking...

How A Loser Turned Into A Sex-God?

I'm no sex god... But let me share a great secret with you - lasting longer in bed is easier than YOU think...

If it were about genes then I've an average pedigree... As men started approaching me for help, I had two options: 

Pretend I got lucky... 

Or, reveal and displease powerful feminists.

I choose the latter and penned down everything you need to perform like a pornstar.

You can decide which path to take...

choose1) You can go alone.

Of course, it's going to be a long lonely trip. It can be frustrating - and you might even give up. I wish you the best...

2) Or, you can follow a master's footsteps.

Lasting longer is an art... you just need the right techniques.

With so much mis-information no wonder it took me a decade to crack the code.

But if you follow me, you'll end up having the best sex sooner than you might think...

Heck, swipe my secrets and become a sex god, come what may...

Get The New '3 Steps to Lasting Longer' NOW

(Note: the cover is for representation only. The materials are available for quick download in digital format.)

Now '3 Steps to Lasting Longer' isn't a quickly slapped "10 tricks to last longer" stuff. It's a system that took me almost TEN years to personally master and design... I wish I had it when I was young (I mean it)...

AND it may sound stupid but I want to give you one more secret: It's about cycles.

"She told me how lucky she is to have me as husband"

"had an amazing time last night... lasted almost 15 minutes... and this morning she told me how lucky she is to have me as husband... thank you for saving our marriage..." -- Jim R., 40, TX.
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... It SHORT-CIRCUITS your 'ejaculation urge'.

Now pay close attention here... in nature, everything moves in cycles... from galaxies to seasons... from ebb and flow of tides to our beating of hearts and minds... right?

Just as cycles govern universe and your body, they also govern the way you have sex.

Good news is counter-intuitive rhythms short-circuit the ejaculation instinct... 

That's the only way to BLOCK the "ejaculation urge" INSTANTLY - it lets you unleash the beastmode during sex

As I uncovered many ancient Tantra hacks without the usual "mumbo-jumbo"... I became a monster in bed.

But you are NOT going to find these secrets out there...

For starters, here's a glimpse of what's inside your '3 Steps to Lasting Longer':

Frankly, it's much more than just a sexual help program. It's a "bible for longer sex". 

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The '3 Steps to Lasting Longer' Was Built From Scratch With One Purpose - To Give You Everything You Need To Gain MASSIVE 30-Minutes Ejaculation Control Quickly

1. It's MASSIVE! 

You get 101 pages, massive 21,399 words choke-full of every working technique known to me as of date. 

In a moment, I'll show how you tap into the latest cutting-edge technology with this program.

In every section, I take you by the hand and explain everything to you in a simple, foolproof series of steps

Living in India, I realized some deep dirty controversial secrets of Tantriks in the east... 

It's ALL inside your 3 Step to Lasting Longer... 

Nobody in the country knows them to publish them.

2. I don't just tell you how to do it... INSTEAD I SHOW YOU HOW TANTRIKS DO IT! 

"Your ebook is very nice. I like it. I'll list it in my resources... Thanks for your work."

Sexologist Dr. Annie Sprinkle is the first porn star to have earned her Ph.D. She's a distinguished lecturer whose work is studied in many colleges and Universities across America. She has been seen on

I never leave you "guessing" about how to use or apply these explosive sex techniques.

Frankly, western writers have made it a "mumbo-jumbo".

Instead, I show you how it looks and works like in the real-world, with one practical trick after another... 

3. You'll never be overwhelmed - because you can use it to suit your own unique needs. 

Whether you're a future pornstar or ace Tantrik who wants to beat professionals in their own game... or you're a super-busy grandpa of 5 kids and need to find answers FAST... 

... The 3 Steps to Lasting Longer is designed to feed you sexual energy and sexual stamina even when your asleep (Hang on I'll show you how). 

4. It's designed to support you all times. 

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5. You get 22 exciting exercises strategically designed to build stamina for you. 

I don't leave anything to "chance" that's why I've designed a slow but proven step-by-step program. (Of course, you can reap the benefits faster). 

I've carefully placed each exercise to benefit even the slowest tortoise. 

6. You get in-depth interviews with masterful lovers (my proud ex-students)... 

... And most thorough answers to ALL the questions that have come to your mind about longer sex. 

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Someone has already asked it and you'll find the answer right inside your the 3 Steps to Lasting Longer guide...

7. Do you feel you've "limited" cock-confidence... 

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... or you think you can't stand one-night stand... or your scared about having group-sex...

... Or you can't bear the warm emotional sex after a candlelit dinner...

That's where the 3 Steps to Lasting Longer comes into the picture because its techniques are designed to work in every situation... all it takes is just one simple thing. 

So whatever the occasion... you'll rise to the challenge and amaze her with mind-blowing sex... Guaranteed.

Here are a few emails I've received:

I am glad you are a real human and are available. I was a "fast ejaculator". But I felt a yearning for more reliable sexual pleasure. Initially I was looking to explore and master multiple and or full body orgasm. Then I lowered the gears and realises that I needed to learn how to go for longer... I love the idea of going deeper into the TRANCE-AROUSAL... it is best for me... my wife and I had the best sex ever.... Alex D. @ alex***

"THANK YOU so much for your great tips... it's really gold for every person" - Md Anwar @ anwar*** 

Hi Kris, Your program is really interesting. Im starting to see results... Luis L. @ lui***

Here's what an NIH researcher has to say about the 3 Steps to Lasting Longer

I appreciate your efforts, it sounds good... it can be helpful (to PE patients). Dr. V. Dhikav, Ph.D

Dr. VikasDr. Vikas Dhikav's works have been published on, US National Library of Medicine (NCBI), National Institutes of Health (NIH). He has been cited in +500 studies and done +141 research papers.

FACT is this much-talked about guide works.

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Do you know patients under anesthesia hear and remember everything the doctors and nurses said about them?

Shockingly, their subconscious mind would hear a doctor say something like, "He's pretty strong, he should recover quickly." 

Turns out... they recovered quickly! 

"I recommend this program to last longer in bed" - Dr. James Bradley, physician, CA dr

But when the patients' subconscious mind heard, "He'll probably take several weeks longer than usual to recover,"...

The patient did take longer to recover


Because their subconscious mind believed and ACTED upon them... (subliminal messaging). 

In fact, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has BANNED using subliminal messages from advertisements... 

Guess, why? 

Because it works! 

A natural question is... 

How can YOU tap into this incredible technology to last longer in bed? 

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