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Easy Sex-Positions To Delay Your Early-Ejaculation Tonight!

Get complete satisfaction & spice-up Your sex-life by these mind-blowing positions.

Are you finding it difficult to satisfy her sexual desires? or Are you at the end of your wits to last longer in bed?

If you want to drive her wild & delay your orgasms then believe me changing your sex positions can bring a lot of heat in bedroom.

You'll bring newness & excitement in relationship. But you'll also delay your ejaculation by double or triple of what you normally do.

Most of couples try 1-2 positions in bedroom. Moreover men who don't last longer have limited time.

Time is a resource you can't afford to waste. You've to provide her with optimum satisfaction within your stamina level!

It's a challenge & I am doing your work easy. Few positions recommendations & few rules I've found has worked for me.

These positions may not work to delay your severe PE. If you can stay for more than 2 minutes I think then only it can help you.

Usually positions which put your core muscle groups (thighs, abs etc.) on stress should be avoided like missionary.

2 Best positions to naturally end rapid ejaculation:

1) Girl on top: in this you are completely free & let her enjoy herself. This way you can go deep. Your penis penetrates deep into vagina.

It gives her instense & quick orgasms. The best way to control your mild premature ejaculation.

There are 3 variations in this so that you can bring even more excitement & raise temparature of bedroom ;).

1a) Cowgirl: girl is facing you.

cowgirl,sex,delay ejaculation,premature


1b) Reverse Cowgirl: her back to you.

reverse cowgirl,sex,positions,rapid ejaculation,tips

1c) Lap dance: you sit on sofa or bed & she'll sit over you & move & groove. I think you got it by name itself.

You don't do anything but relax & control. It's like seated girl on top. She can face away or towards you, only thing is she's leaned forward or backward.

sex position,early ejacualtion

2) Doggy position: This is my personal best. It lets me stand or sit on my legs or knees & move my pelvic region in rhythm. I feel myself controlling better this way.

Variation: You can put one leg on bed or sofa alternately to relax more.

doggy,sex position, premature ejaculation

I've found that positions that puts minimum stress on me or in which I just have to move my pelvic region like a pendulum are usually best in delaying ejaculations.


These are no way rules but broad suggestions to help you. I think you can easily add 5 more mins of sexual pleasure just by changing the way you usual do sex.

Variation brings excitement in bed. You can look for more position here & try to find something which works for you.

Best position to delay orgasm is more relaxed & easier for you.

If you want to gain control over your ejaculations & enjoy sex in every position then try delay condoms or creams.

You can also download my FREE report for more ideas to delay ejaculations.

Am I missing anything? Add your comments below... or join my tribe...

About The Author: Kris Lovelock
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Hey Kris here. After many years of amazing marriage (& sex-life)... I can say, relishing mind-blowing half an hour long sex with your wife or girlfriend is simple (and has many unexpected perks)... It's definitely something you can pretty easily learn with the right tools & techniques... You can contact me for any questions or requests.

kris lovelock By the way, here's my 3 Steps to Lasting Longer program. Inside I show you how I last up to 30 mins longer naturally. Namaste.

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